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Scarifying machine MC10

Brand : TEKPAC
Product origin : Jiangsu,China
Delivery time : 30-40 days
Supply capacity : 1000-2000 per month

Technical Specification

Model Motor Power Working Width Operation Mass
MC10-2 Chinese Petrol Engine 9.6kw(13.0hp) 250mm(10in) 160kg(350lbs)
MC10-3 Petrol,Robin EX40 10.3kw(14.0hp) 250mm(10in) 162kg(357lbs)
MC10-4 Petrol,Honda GX390 9.6kw(13.0hp) 250mm(10in) 160kg(350lbs)
MC10-5 Petrol,I/C25T2 9.6kw(13.0hp) 250mm(10in) 160kg(350lbs)

Cage Assemvly M200 with TCT Cuttr 204016.2

Cage Assembly M300 with Milling Cutter 304022

Cage Assembly M400 with Steel Cutter 404012

Cage Assembly M500 with TCT Cutter 204016.2

Cage Assembly M250 with TCT cutter

A type cage

B type cage

Edger cage 823000

Cutter shaft

Scarifying cutters

Range of cutters including Tungsten Carbide TIP/TCTCutters,Steel Milling Cutters and Steel Scarifying Cutters to suitmost machines.

Hardened bore or fully hardened body body (for TCT cutters)andhardened body(forsteelcutters).

Plated body.

High grade carbide tip k30(TCT cutters).

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