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Edging power trowel MT24 use method

Edging power trowel MT24 use method

First, edging power trowel MT24 overview:

Ground power trowel is also called the edging power trowel MT24, its main body is a motor-driven spatula rotor, in the middle of the rotor on the bottom of the cross with 2 to 4 spatula. The direction of the spatula is the same as the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the trigger is rotated by the motor. Operation, the first holding the joystick, start the motor, spatula that is rotating on the cement floor to wipe, trowel can be wiped 100 ~ 30m2 per hour, compared with artificial wiping can improve work efficiency more than 3 times.

Second, edging power trowel MT24 uses:

Edging power trowel MT24 widely used concrete pavement, municipal engineering, prefabricated concrete surface compaction, wiping and wiping color. Edging power trowel MT24 with a reasonable, beautiful appearance, smooth work, gearbox is not easy to use, the use of safe, energy saving, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics.

Edging power trowel MT24 with a concrete surface of the rough, fine, wiping dual-use models. After trowel construction surface is more smooth, smooth, greatly improve the surface of the compactness and wear resistance, comparable to the efficiency of artificial work to improve the performance of several times.

Third, edging power trowel MT24 features:

1. The whole light weight, low center of gravity, simple and comfortable 2. The design of a unique handle structure, adjustable height of the handle, so that the operator comfortable and reduce fatigue.

3. The unique design of composite blade can be perfect to achieve the dual function of disc and polishing blade.

4. Configuration after a special heat treatment of toughness alloy smear more durable.

5. Good flatness, high efficiency, removable, easy handling, operation effort, durable.

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